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Windermere Tina

Bicester Goblin x WindermereTrish

11.75”, Tan& White ,Broken Coat




Tina is a typical Jack Russell Terrier in many ways except that she likes to do things “her way”. She has a wonderful personality and is very sweet and loving but you have to pass the “Tina Test” when you first meet her. No amount of begging or cajoling will get her to like you, but once she does, you’ve made a friend for life! Tina is a beautiful girl conformationally but she didn’t really care about the show ring, so that endeavor is over early for her. She has an amazingly strong head, a tiny chest and a coat that is so easy to care for!. Tina was an exceptional producer and mother. She had 7 puppies in her first & only  litter and her daughter, Windermere Tiffany (by Windermere Commotion) is an amazing bitch in every way!

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